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We give you the option to switch investments as your financial circumstances changes. You can change how you invest to suit your needs without additional costs!

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Invest to get Unlimited Access to Our Securities-Based Loans

Our Securities-based Loan Program, underwritten by Neptrades Securities, offers a convenient way to finance almost any need - while your investments mature. If your account is eligible, a percentage of your existing portfolio (depending on your current investment plan) can be used as collateral to take a completely Interest Free loan to finance a variety of goals and needs. These may include:

  • Short-term cash flow gaps
  • Business expenses, including day-to-day or longer-term capital expenditures, or interest in a business partnership
  • Education expenses and other memorable life events
  • Real estate and luxury purchases
  • Liquidity for estate planning
  • Tax planning
  • Refinancing high-interest-rate debt or credit cards
  • See below for additional details on Interest Free Collateral Lending Program risks and advantages.

Benefits of the program


Your loan will use your portfolio as collateral, without requiring you to sell your positions.

Low rates and cost

Blue Sand loans are typically lower than traditional banking products and have no origination or underwriting fees.

Quick decisions

After completing the form, your loan may be approved in as little as 24 hours.


Less documentation is required compared with traditional lending products.

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